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Agro Premium Commodities Limited is a Nigerian registered company operating in the Agro Commodity Sector. We are licensed and registered with the Nigeria Export Promotion Council to carry out the business of exports.

Situated in the commercial city of Lagos, we have a dynamic team of buyers spread across country with warehouses in the East, West & Northern parts of the country where we have established key relationships with major farmers, trading associations and Local Buying Agents (LBAs). This enables us to source at reasonable prices and aggregate products in commercial quantities.

The business of commodities trading and exports is one that is centred on trust. With this in mind, we strive to respond to the needs of our customers in time, earn their trust and also act fairly with our suppliers, as we believe these are crucial in our growth as a company. We also aim to build long lasting business relationships with our customers and suppliers hence the need to always be consistent and transparent in our dealings with them.

To become a leading player in the Agro Commodities sector in the West Africa region through sourcing, supplying, trading, exporting, processing and packaging of agricultural commodities.

In our quest to ensure that our clients get good value for their patronage, we adopt differentmethods in sourcing for desired commodities. We have experienced commodities buyers across the length and breadth of Nigeria who understand the market dynamics and seasonality of each commodity we deal in. They have over the years developed direct good relationship with the farmers for capacity building; maintain ongoing interaction with accredited local buying agents (LBA); forge a good understanding with key local commodities associations and in most regional agricultural bastions like the North, Middle Belt & East, we have warehouses where we aggregate produce.

We also have an in-house quality control/ assurance team, that carry out a second level specification testing to ensure that each client product specifications are adhered to.

Once this is achieved, our logistics team collaborate with reputable haulage companies and work with other the appropriate regulatory or governmental agencies to ensure no regulatory bottleneck affect timely delivery of the goods.

We also liaise timely with appointed inspection agents for commodities that require inspection, verification, testing and certifications in order to ensure compliance with agreed process and that products meet delivery timelines.

Agro Premium Commodities shall accomplish the above vision by relentlessly seeking to understand the needs of the market, our customers, our suppliers and the shareholders desire to explore growth opportunities within the West African region

Our corporate philosophy and strategy will be shaped by a deep and collective desire to build trust and integrity with our customers & suppliers. We would strive to ensure fair pricing to our suppliers, offer great value to our customer, reasonable returns to our shareholders and build synergies across territories to create a dynamic regional organisation.

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